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Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Independent candidacy for resolving political problems: Prabhu Saha


Independent candidate from constituency no 3 of Rautahat district, Prabhu Saha, has said he had been an independent candidate to resolve the political problems. He would fight against party syndicate and for change, Saha argued.

Addressing an election publicity programme in Janakpurdham on Monday, leader Saha complained that although the system was changed in the country, people’s standard did not change. “I’m invited by both electoral alliance, but I denied. My aim is to free people from party syndicate,” he reiterated.

Country needs such lawmaker that works for the people and change in their life standard. Also the former minister, leader Saha viewed the electoral alliances were unholy.

On the occasion, supporter to the campaign of independent candidate, Badri Neupane, blamed that the big political parties forged electoral alliance to usurp power and post.

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