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Saturday, June 22, 2024

Personnel mobilised for poll security nationwide


Kathmandu, Nov. 14: All the four security agencies have been mobilised for the elections of the House of Representatives and the Provincial Assemblies to be held on November 20.

With just seven days left for the election, teams of Nepal Police, Nepali Army, Armed Police Force Nepal (APF) and National Investigation Department have reached the designated constituencies, according to security officials on Sunday.

Apart from the four security agencies, temporary police (myadi) are also on the ground for security preparations for the election. The temporary police had been in the field for last three weeks.

“The Police Head Office and Metropolitan Police Office, Ranipokhari have started deploying the manpower for respective constituencies from last Tuesday,” according to Deputy Inspector General and Spokesperson for the Police Headquarters Tek Prasad Rai.

DIG Rai said that police have been sent to most of the areas and have already reached their designated stations. He said that more teams will be sent to some districts where they are needed by Sunday (November 13).

In the elections, Nepal Police has deployed 71,693 security forces, Nepali Army 74,000, APF 35,000 along with 115,000 temporary policemen and over 7,000 informants of the National Investigation Department. In total, there will be 302,693 security forces on the move.

The Police Headquarters has sent some over 2,000 small arms (pistols) provided temporarily by the Nepali Army to the policemen who will be deployed in the field as in-charge. The junior police officer stationed at every election booth will carry a pistol, he said.

Apart from the police, a team of the APF has also been mobilised. Armed Police Assistant Spokesperson DSP Shailendra Thapa informed that manpower has been mobilised from the Brigade and Armed Police Headquarters in the provincial office.

The Army and the National Investigation Department have also said that their manpower has been mobilised in various places to be deployed. In the first circle of each election booth, Nepal Police, Armed Police and Myadi and outer layer of security responsibility has been given to the Nepali Army.

The Police Headquarters purchased 180 new vehicles for patrolling in various election districts. Apart from that, the Indian Embassy has supported another 120 new vehicles. DIG Rai said that some insufficient vehicles to Nepal Police will be used on rent. Rai said that apart from the new ones, another 1,000 vehicles are needed for the police.

Possible security threat

According to the analysis of the security agencies, there is no security challenge to the election. However, surveillance has been increased on 28 underground parties and groups, including the Communist Party of Nepal (CPN) led by Netra Bikram Chand ‘Biplav’, who gave a statement only a few days ago that the elections would be annulled.

According to the police, the security agencies have increased surveillance on parties including CPN (Revolutionary Maoist) led by Mohan Baidya, CPN Bahumat led by Dharmendra Bastola, and CPN Masal. The police said that among the 28 different parties and groups, the activities of Biplav-led CPN are more scrutinised.

According to high police sources, the police is ready to crack down on the leadership level if the Biplav-led CPN workers do any unwanted activities. A few days ago, the Inspector General of Police (IGP) Dheeraj Pratap Singh had instructed the police personnel who will be deployed in the election to work without any compromise on security. TRN

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