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Wednesday, September 27, 2023

NC-led coalition government after elections-Minister Karki


Minister for Communications and Information Technology Gyanendra Bahadur Karki has claimed that there would be Nepali Congress (NC)-led coalition government after upcoming elections.

In his address to the cadres’ meet programme organized by democratic-left alliance at Baraha Chhetra municipality in Sunsari on Sunday, he further said a two-third majority coalition government would be formed under NC leadership after election so as to defend the constitution and institutionalize the achievements of change.

Minister Karki, also the government spokesperson, said the ruling alliance was constituted to protect the achievements yielded through different movements and overcome the anti-constitutional elements. It would continue to exist even after elections, he said.

Minister Karki, who is vying for the HoR member election from Sunsari constituency-4 on behalf of democratic-left alliance, said the post-election government would lay focus on resolving poverty and unemployment issues.

“The next government would come up with concrete plan to address the issues of development, enrich people’s economic prosperity and create employment opportunities”. Minister Karki added.
He urged the voters to choose the people’s repres

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