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Saturday, June 22, 2024

Dengue cases cross 2,000 in Chitwan


The number of dengue infection cases has crossed 2,000 in Chitwan, the District Health Office Chitwan said.

The Office stated that dengue has been confirmed in 2,164 persons till October 27 so far in the current fiscal year. Dengue test were conducted on 8,853 samples during this period and 2,164 of these samples were tested dengue positive.

One thousand four hundred and fifty-one among these cases are from Chitwan district and the remaining is from outside districts. Among the 1,451 cases, 822 are male and 629 are female. It is stated that 454 dengue patients are from outside districts while the name and address of 259 of them is not ascertained.

Three people have died from dengue in Chitwan district during this period, the District Health Office said.

The highest number of cases has been found in Bharatpur Metropolitan City among the seven local levels in the district. Dengue has been confirmed in 978 persons, including 559 male and 419 female, in Bharatpur.

Similarly, dengue has been found in 124 persons in Khairahani Municipality, in 28 persons in Madi, in 197 persons in Ratnanagar, in 79 persons in Rapti and in 37 persons in Kalika municipalities and in eight persons in Icchakamana rural municipality.

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