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Saturday, June 22, 2024

KMC scouting for site to manage biodegradable waste


The Kathmandu Metropolitan City (KMC) has been scouting for identifying places for managing biodegradable waste within the Kathmandu Valley itself.
KMC said it is carrying out works for identifying the place for long-term management of waste in an effective way in the coming days as dumping all kinds of waste at the Bancharedanda landfill site has created problems time and again.
KMC is adopting this measure in line with its plan of not managing hazardous waste at Bancharedanda.
“Three sites have been identified within the Valley. The management of biodegradable waste will start in mid-November if there is no obstruction to this in the meantime. We are also holding discussions with the locals in this connection,” said Sunil Lamsal, a member of the KMC Mayor’s secretariat.
A minimum of 50 ropanis land would be required at a single site for waste management. Presently, the waste from 18 local levels in the Valley, including KMC, is being managed at Bancharedanda.
The KMC is looking for a suitable site for managing the biodegradable waste within the Valley itself, considering that dumping all kinds of garbage only in Bancharedanda is not an appropriate option. KMC is in the process of identifying additional sites for this purpose.
The sites available so far for this purpose are 50 ropanis to 150 ropanis in the area.
Before this, the Valley’s waste had been managed at Sisdol of Nuwakot for the last 16 years.

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